Bet Fried Egg Sandwich - So Easy Kids Can Make Them!

There's something undeniably satisfying about biting into a warm, perfectly assembled bacon egg sandwich.

With its layers of crispy bacon, gooey cheese, and a rich, golden egg nestled between slices of toasted bread, it's a meal that never fails to hit the spot.


The best part?

It's incredibly simple to make, so much so that even kids can whip up this delectable treat.

Whether you're craving a hearty breakfast or a quick dinner option, these sandwiches are a surefire hit.

Ingredients You Will Need

  • Bread: Opt for your favorite type—white, wheat, sourdough, or even a bagel for added variety. Homemade bread is my favorite option to use when making these sandwiches! 

  • Meat: Crispy bacon is the star here. Choose your preferred type—smoked, maple-glazed, or turkey bacon for a lighter option. You could also choose to use sausage patties, or a slice of ham.

  • Eggs: Fresh eggs will do the trick. You can cook them sunny-side-up, scrambled, or even poached, depending on your preference. I typically always make these sandwiches with a fried egg and save the scrambled eggs for egg burritos.

  • Cheese: Cheddar, American, Swiss, or pepper jack—pick your favorite cheese or mix it up for an extra flavorful twist. We prefer to use either cheddar or Colby although pepper jack is nice for something different.

  • Butter: Use it to toast the bread to golden perfection. Salted or unsalted is fine.

How to Make Fried Egg Sandwiches:

Step 1: Cook the Meat:


Cooking bacon in the oven is our preferred way to cook bacon around here. Less mess! 

Set your own for 400 degrees, line a sheet pan with foil and place the bacon on it. Cook in the oven until it reaches the level of crispness that you love.

You can also cook the bacon in a skillet over medium heat, cooking it until it reaches your desired crispiness.

Sausage patties are commonly cooked in a skillet over medium heat as well.

If you are using ham you might like to warm the ham up in a skillet over medium heat. 

When the meat is cooked, set it aside on a paper towel-lined plate to drain excess grease. 

Step 2: Prepare the Eggs:


In the same skillet, cook your eggs to your liking. Sunny-side-up, fried eggs, scrambled, or any other style you prefer. 

Season them with a pinch of salt and pepper for extra flavor.

Since we prefer to make these sandwiches as fried egg sandwiches, I always add the cheese to top of the egg once I flip it over in the pan so that it can start to melt on the top!

Step 3: Toast the Bread:


Spread a thin layer of butter on one side of each bread slice. Toast them in a separate skillet or toaster until they turn golden brown.

Toasting them in a skillet gives them the perfect toasted flavor. In our house it's the only way to go when making these sandwiches.

They turn out less crunchy and dry when toasting the bread in the skillet and truly is the key to making the best fried egg sandwich in our opinion! 

Step 4: Assemble the Sandwich: 

MakingtheBestFriedEggSandwichIf you don't have kitchen scissors, I highly recommend! Plus it makes cutting for kids so much easier! 😉

Once the bread is toasted, it's time to assemble!

Place a slice of cheese on one slice of bread (if you didn't melt the cheese on top of your egg in the skillet), followed by the cooked bacon and then the prepared eggs.

Top it off with the other slice of bread.

Step 5: Enjoy

Cut the sandwich in half diagonally or straight down the middle, and voilà! Your delicious bacon egg sandwich is ready to devour.

Make it Your Own to Make it the Best

The beauty of these best fried egg sandwiches lies in their versatility.

Feel free to personalize them to suit your taste buds or dietary preferences:

  • Veggie Lover's Delight: Add sliced tomatoes, avocado, or sautéed spinach to amp up the nutritional value and taste.
  • Spice it Up: Sprinkle some red pepper flakes or hot sauce for a fiery kick.
  • Extra Cheese, Please: Experiment with different cheeses or add an extra layer for the ultimate cheese pull.
  • Cream Cheese & Jelly: Yes, you heard me right. If you come from my husband's side of the family then you will already know that this is the only way to eat this sandwich! 

Why Fried Egg Sandwiches are a Winner!

  • Quick and Easy: With minimal ingredients and simple steps, these sandwiches are a breeze to whip up.
  • Anytime Meal: Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner—this versatile dish fits any mealtime.
  • Kid-Friendly: Encourage kids to get involved in the kitchen. It's a fun way for them to learn basic cooking skills. My eight year old son made all of the sandwiches in these photos! It was a busy morning and I was so thankful for his help! 
  • Always a Hit: Whether for a family meal or a gathering with friends, these sandwiches are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

In conclusion, the best fried egg sandwiches are the epitome of comfort food, combining savory, crispy, and gooey elements in every bite.

Whether you follow the classic recipe or add your own twist, these sandwiches are sure to become a staple in your meal rotation.

So, grab those ingredients, get your child to help you (they will love the independence they gain!) get cooking, and enjoy the delicious simplicity of a homemade bacon egg sandwich for your breakfast or even for an easy dinner idea for family!